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How to use Funnel2go app - Video's

Walking through the funnel2go app

  • What are sales funnels?
  • How does the funneltogo application work?
  • How easy is it to make your landing page or sales funnel?
  • How to easily make and edit content of a sales funnel
  • Creation of a simple online store
  • Showing funnels with your web address

How to use free templates in Funnel2go

  • With Funneltogo you can create your own templates or you can use free pre-made templates. You can find them in the templates section, and then easily download them to your funnel.

Making the split test and its uselfulness

  • How to find out which design suits our customers? Easy! Multiply created funnel.
  • In each funnel you can change certain factors (replace the picture, add the video, change the text, etc.).
  • Publish the funnel -  and after a certain number of clicks - say 1000, you can determine which funnel has the best response.
  • We can measure by the number of submissions, sales or even telephone responses.

Using your own domain to display funnels

You can display your sales funnel in various ways:

  • You can retain given title from funnel2go. In this case page won't show your activity, but the name of the funnel. For example: If you choose this option, you don't need to edit your domain and hosting, because everything remains on our application. Of course you can change the funnel title.
  • Buy a domain and run a funnel on your domain.The matter is a little tricky, so it is best to let hosting providers or editors do it for you.

Choose the funnel according to your needs!

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